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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

haha haha EVERY BODY 6 mths le haha haha my baby 6 mths old le haha haha now 3 more mths and he is out!!!!!!!! OH YA!!!!!!!! But i am so shocked!!!! I am 73 kg now!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so the fat now!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goal!!!! To lose weight after giving birth!!!!! My hubby kept complaining i becoming more and more fat!!!! :-( so bad de!!!!!

4:32 PM

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

hehe hehe below is some of my pics taken on my wedding day pls look through eheehehehehe

8:16 PM

cuteness~~~~~~ Posted by Picasa

8:16 PM

be Posted by Picasa

8:15 PM

standing Posted by Picasa

8:15 PM

Ching yan and me!!!! Posted by Picasa

8:14 PM

Thursday, September 08, 2005

haha haha ps la i not purposely de....... i now living at hubby hse no internet ma so hardly update blog keke keke keke but den thanks for u guys who gave me so many things............ hehe hehe hehe now i honey moon season haha haha haha so don worry ar kek keke.... hey i now den find out i got 5 mths of pregency already so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

9:21 PM

Sunday, August 28, 2005

haha haha!!!!!!!!! i can feel the baby moving in me so thrill!!!!!! OMG !!!!! but the feeling is like needle poking you. So excited hehe hehe but a naughty little baby!!! every time bully mummy like the daddy haha hah!!!!!! Must be guai guai keke keke.... Today mother prepared red dates for me. Firstly to like me for blood pressure as i got low blood and tend to faint every time... Secondly cuz she said if wan to have a fat and healthy baby eat red dates can help to fulfill it keke keke......

12:02 AM

Saturday, August 20, 2005

haha haha so excited now!!! GUYS I AM 4 MTHS pregnant alreay!!!! haha haha so fast but still don know the gender yet but will annouce shortly now planning for ROM and waiting for the baby to be out hehe hee. i still remembered ytd watch on discovery channel titled " in the womb" hehe hehe. its abt how the baby grow and what is he or she doing inside hehe hehe....... so cute haha haha i now then know that baby are so sensitive to music and they can even 'dance' according to the music if they like.. But one thing that i can confrimed is that baby prefer soft and smooth music as it can clam them down hehe hehe so cute!!! I juz cannot wait see my baby hehe hehe hehe cuz i prefer the baby to look like me haha haha...... Cuz i cute haha haha pls don puke~~~~ hold on hold on~~~~ Now look so fat and become so fat and round!!!! hha ahaha But one thing is i been praying to God that the baby will be healthy cuz u all know la i like spicy food so much de kkee keke haha haha ........ OH i am so excited!!!!!

8:30 PM